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How can daily, weekly tasks, piles of paper be stored skillfully, transparently and even stylishly, organized?

The use of the cork board is very versatile, it may reminds of the "good, old" school years, since there is no technique or drawing class without a cork board. But these simple boards can also be of great use in our homes. Just in few steps, you can transform traditional boards to your own style.

With a little creativity you can easily create even a wall picture from the bare cork board and a sheet of patterned textile. 

Messages, photos or even important documents, reminders and notes can be pinned to the board so that they are always in sight.

Frameless cork message boards are much more elegant than wooden framed ones. The message board, like the cork board, is very practical and easy to use in a home or office environment. Some models can also be used as wall decorations thanks to their unique patterns.

Pin all the things on the board that are nice to look at and inspire you to achieve your goals!

Leave a message on Victoria cork and message boards