Let the start of school be #COOL!

2022. 08. 30. - 3 minutes reading

Let the start of school be #COOL!

Fill your school bag with COOL BY VICTORIA products!
Starting school is always a long-awaited period in children's lives. The last weeks of summer, where there is still time for a little play, but excitement is already in the air. What should we put in the pencil case? What kind of pencil or notebook do you need?

The list of accessories may seem long, but with COOL products, you certainly can't reach it. In addition, we can bring fun into children's everyday life with colorful, animal-shaped packaging products.

What should go into the pencil case?

Of course, colored pencils are essential. #COOL's colored pencils have triangle shape, it ensures that they fit comfortably in the hands and are easy to use. They have excellent covering power, so there won't be a single white spot on your drawings. Its beautiful, bright colors will certainly attract the attention of not only children, but also teachers.

A sharpener comes in handy not only at school, but also when writing homework. The #COOL sharpener is durable and easy to use. And its steel blade is as sharp as a shark's tooth. You don't have to worry about chips spilling out, as they are collected in a closed container. Its lid is easy to snap off, so emptying will be easy for everyone.

What if we went out of line or wrote something wrong? This will require an eraser to correct our mistakes. Erasers runs out quickly in a child's life, it might be worth keeping more than one piece of them at home. #COOL also put three erasers in one package, so it's not a problem if one gets lost, as there is other to replace it with.

Favorites of the arts and craft box

One of the most important tool for arts and craft classes is scissors. They bring children's imaginations to life However, it's important what scissors we put in the children's hands. The rounded cutting tip of #COOL scissors resembles a crab's scissors and also provides safety. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, long-term use is also comfortable. The excellent quality prevails here as well, and with its stainless steel blades, it can be a great companion in classes.

You may always need glue, the most practical version of this is stick glue. It's small, so there's room for it in every bag, and since it's not liquid, you don't have to worry about everything getting stuck in your bag at the end of the day. The glue can be easily washed out of the clothes with water. It does not contain toxic substances, is solvent-free and does not dry out even if the child does not put the cap back on.

Paints may also be needed in drawing classes. You may also need watercolors and tempera at the start of school. The most important thing about paints is that they spread well and provide well coverage. #COOL products have all of this. In addition, they are highly pigmented, so young and old alike can work with vibrant colors.



Don't forget the rulers!

Teachers can ask it from the children in almost every classes. There are 4 different rulers in the #COOL ruler set, so you will have a tool in hand to solve every task. The set includes a protractor, straight ruler, 35-degree and 45-degree triangle ruler. All rulers are made of transparent and flexible plastic, so they are quite durable pieces.

Have the #COOLest notebook!

In the COOL BY VICTORIA range, you can also find square, lined and plain notebooks.

Booklets for first, second, third and 4th-8th graders can be found separately. The smaller ones can choose from notebooks dotted with colorful, animal patterns, while the older ones can take notes in notebooks with cozy pictures of life. Choose from the latest designs!


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