The latest Victoria products have arrived!

2022. 07. 29. - 2 minutes reading

The latest Victoria products have arrived!

Have a look at our newly expanded range.

We continuously develop our products to meeting consumer's expectations. Reliable quality is always essential, we cannot compromise on.


Desktop tape dispenser - stable tearing.

With teeth? With my nails? It can be comfortable! Almost every office or home needs duct tape, but when it comes to use, the question "where does it start?" or "I need a pair of scissors"... but that's over now. Despite its practical size, the VICTORIA desktop adhesive tape dispenser is quite heavy, so it is stable enough to pull off a piece of adhesive tape with one hand and use the designed knurled cutting edge to tear it without the dispenser slipping or moving.


Sharpeners - Small rain lays great dust.

One and two-hole metal sharpeners were really missed from the VICTORIA range, now they have finally arrived. Carvers made of solid metal are made with a steel blade for durability. The two-hole version is also suitable for sharpening normal and thick pencils. Thanks to their small size, they fit comfortably almost anywhere - in a pencil case, desk organizer.


Blackboard wipes - to keep all blackboards clean.

VICTORIA's magnetic whiteboard eraser is ideal for magnetic whiteboards, which can be used to remove traces of dry-erase whiteboard markers. Due to the magnet inside, the eraser does not need a separate holder, it is always at hand when stored on the board. A thick felt pad guarantees scratch-free cleaning. Do you like it?

One solution for multiple surfaces: the VICTORIA whiteboard wipe is suitable for whiteboards, flipcharts and chalkboards. The lacquered wooden surface and side recesses ensure a really stable and comfortable grip. The thick split felt insert guarantees scratch-free cleaning.


VICTORIA - Quality. Performance. Trust.




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